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About Us

Leeder Pack is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and sales of metal packaging products. We have been committed to providing customers with high-quality metal packaging solutions. Our main products include chemical metal pail, tinplate food can , monotop can, metal components, easy-open lids, peel-off ends and so on.

As experts in the field of metal packaging, Leeder Pack is renowned for its excellence in quality and innovative design. Our tinplate cans offer robust and reliable protection for various industries including chemical and food sectors. The precision manufacturing of our metal components ensures efficient and stable performance of your products. Our metal pails, known for their durability and reliability, are suitable for industrial use and specialized liquid storage. Additionally, our easy-open lids provide convenient access for consumers, enhancing both convenience and comfort.

Backed by an outstanding and efficient team proficient in metal materials and packaging techniques, Leeder Pack can meet your needs, whether it’s standard products or customized solutions.

Leeder Pack always prioritizes customer satisfaction and adheres to the core values of “technological innovation” and “pursuit of excellence.” We continuously innovate and strive for excellence, providing superior products and efficient services to empower our customers to achieve exceptional and flawless product packaging.

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