High Quality Screw Brush Lid Metal Monotop Can For Packing PVC Cement

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Tin Can With Dauber Pvc Glue Monotop Metal Screw Top Adhesive Tin Cans With Dauber


capacity 2oz-32oz
Diameter 54mm–107mm
Height Adjustable
Material Tinplate
Thickness 0.23mm-0.25mm
Lid Style Metal screw caps with brush (cotton ball/Horse hair)
Design Accept Customization
UN approved
Coating Lacquer, Antirust Oil, Epoxy Resin
Printing CMYK and Pantone
Application packaging PVC,UPVC,CPVC,GLUE,ADHESIVE
Capacity Thickness Diameter Height Shape Handle Closed
2oz 0.23mm-0.25mm 54mm 50mm Round NULL Screw cap
4oz 0.23mm-0.25mm 54mm 71mm Round NULL Screw cap
8oz 0.23mm-0.25mm 66mm 82mm Round NULL Screw cap
16oz 0.23mm-0.25mm 84mm 97mm Round NULL Screw cap
32oz 0.25mm-0.28mm 107mm 122mm Round NULL Screw cap

Metal Monotop Can Tinplate Container With Brush Cap For Glue